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Why Panys?



When you find panys
welfare of dog and cat food in the gut or in the bag.

All products are made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
For all the dishes we use only the finest raw materials.

Panys wet food is healthy, balanced freshness, well tried to butcher with at least 60% meat.
Panys is: High-premium quality and rich in muscle meat.

For dogs and cats admitted to one food.

Manufactured in Germany is panys from food grade raw materials.

Panys dry food is a balanced diet for dogs and cats
no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives with an advanced Food and safety package of breeders and veterinarians for the healthy Recommended diet of the animal.


We recommend a mixed feeding for the following reasons:


  • Many animals do not drink enough so that with a clean dry feeding may cause a water shortage and thus come to kidney problems. For cats we recommend a mixed feeding of 1/3 dry food and 2/3 and wet food for dogs, a mixed feeding dry from one meal and a moist meal. Of course, you can feed both varieties together. Please not necessarily in the stomach / intestine-sensitive animals.

  • In pure dry feeding can also lead to Übervitaminisierungen, which can lead to liver damage, since the body fat-soluble Vitamins can not retire and they are in the liver and also in Connective tissue can deduct.

  • We wish that your pet is healthy.


Our "hypoallergenic sausages" are great as an exclusion diet.


Whichever variety you choose, one Top quality is guaranteed!



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