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Dry food for dogs

PANYS balanced dry food – without artificial flavoring, coloring and preservatives Advanced Nutrition and security package. Recommended by breeders and veterinarians for the healthy nutrition of the dog.

We recommend a mixed feeding with PANYS wet food the following reasons:

  • For a pure dry feeding can lead to water shortages, as the dry food, the moisture is usually removed to about 10.0%. Thus, the dog must always drink much more than nature requires. Many animals do not make it this moisture deficit even balance, so that it can occur in a pure dry feeding to kidney problems.
  • Because of a mixed feeding the dog-resistant. He is accustomed to different food and does not respond immediately with diarrhea or vomiting, when he had something else absorbs.
  • With a mixed feeding the dog has more fun with food.

We want your dog healthy.

Therefore all the products we use are food grade. Even the eggs for the egg powder does not come from caged hens

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