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Winter Fit with delicious wild seeds - 25,0 KG
Winter Fit with delicious wild seeds - 25,0 KG

Nur 38.95 €
Grundpreis: 1.56 €/KG

Artikel-Nr.: 71803

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Winter Fit with delicious wild seeds


A varied, nutritious mix for the cold season enriched with more than 10% of wild seeds * and striped sunflower seeds, hemp, flax, oats, millet, corn, canola, buckwheat, peanuts, Kardissat and Dari.
Ambrosia on controlled goods!

(* grass seed, clover seed, Möhrenssat, Zwiebelsaat, Radischensaat, Gartenkressesaat, millet, rape, Spinatsaant, Wildsaat)

Supplementary food for wild birds



Seeds (at least 10% of wild seeds), grains




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