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Puppy gift package mini mixed feeding bags
Puppy gift package mini mixed feeding bags

Nur 10.90 €

Artikel-Nr.: 71411

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The ideal gift for the new roommate consisting of:


1 x 400g dry food for puppies, small breeds with a final weight of up to 10.0 kg
6 x 100g wet food in pouches Pany "completely healthy" see contents.
1 x 15 cm diameter Fressnapf slip


1x turkey, veal, rabbit, pasta, vegetables
1x beef, duck, chicken hearts, brown rice, natural vegetable
1x Beef + Lamb (meat pur)
1x chicken + turkey + goose (pure meat)
1x Chicken & Rice (also suitable for allergy sufferers)
1x Hirsch + potato (also suitable for allergy sufferers)



the content information, please see the individual products.




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