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PANYS Natural Flakes Mix - 1,0 KG
PANYS Natural Flakes Mix - 1,0 KG

Nur 5.60 €
Grundpreis: 5.60 €/KG

Artikel-Nr.: 70847

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PANYS Natural Flakes Mix


Tasty grain mix from nutrient-rich and easy to digest grain and rice as supplement for PANYS Dog Sausage. Supplementary dog-food.

Feeding guidelines:

Mix PANYS Natural Flakes Mix with lukewarm or hot water and let infuse for approx. 15 minutes. Intermix PANYS Dog Sausage or wet food and feed to your dog. Alternativley mix PANYS Natural Flakes dry with PANYS Dog Sausage or wet food.

PANYS Natural Flakes Mix should be mixed in the following proportion: 2/3 PANYS Sausage and 1/3 PANYS Natural Flakes -Mix.

Please do not forget to accompany this meal with fresh water.



Wheat, Sweet Corn, Barley, Rice


Crude ash 1,45 %
Crude fibre 1,90 %
Crude fat 1,85 %
Crude protein 10,00 %



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