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Network - Marketing or MLM (Multi Level Marketing)


is a referral marketing, which means I find a great product and / or am I of this business idea so much that I am recommending it to others. Network marketing offers motivated and entrepreneurial people an extraordinary opportunity, nationally or even internationally to be. You have the opportunity to earn unusually high income!

With network marketing you have the option of fixing your credit yourself. You will develop an income which is directly related to your use is consistent.

You decide whether you just want the extra income that you generate income through a part-time, or whether you decide to become your own boss and want to achieve with your main network marketing income.

You can use network marketing to achieve financial independence by building your own sales organization with customers and business partners. Thus one can even surpass the tip income of directors in large corporations. Set your own goals and start to work then, by registering itself as a partner in PANYS.


What is Network Marketing

Prof. Dr. M. Zacharias, professor at the University of Applied Sciences Worms, Department of Marketing / Sales.

Why Network Marketing with PANYS?


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