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Become a team partner at panys!

Full-time or part-time can join at any time - no experience necessary.

Come and join our dedicated,caring team.

Panys offers you:


Premium quality pet food without chemicals, or preservatives.
Wet food, dry food and accessories for dogs, cats and Horses.
Perfect logistics - your customers orders will be delivered within 2-3 working days.
Workshops, seminars and presentations online and on-site to support you.
Professional training
Free Portal consultant with detailed overviews (customers, orders, etc)
Car allowance from team managers (10% of salary without limitation)
Retirement from District Manager


For more information, please contact your sales representative or our online business presentation!
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 Charlotte Leibundgut
 selbständiger Vertriebspartner  Türmliweg 9
 9450 Altstätten

 Tel. 0041 (0)71 7557025
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