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General Terms and Conditions


Handorfer Straße 21
48157 Münster

1. Scope
For all business relations between the Pany GmbH, Handorfer Street 21, 48157 Münster, in business under the names "Pany GmbH" acting, trade register number: HRB 11 659, e-mail: vertrieb@panys.eu - your contractor, VAT ID: DE 261256169, Tax No.: DE261256169, hereinafter "Panys GMBH" and our customer, only Our general business conditions in the time of the order amended. Any deviations must be expressly made our be confirmed in writing.

2. Orders and Customer Service

Simply order by email at: vertrieb@panys.eu, or in our online store at www.panys.eu .

3. Prices

3.1. All prices, to "Panys GmbH" within the Internet offer called for consumers, retail prices are in EURO and contain the value-added tax, unless the pricing explicitly on another point.

3.2. The prices are always valid at the time of the order.
Deals on the Internet are made subject to errors and Calculation errors, their correction "Pany GmbH" remains possible.
The retail prices are for orders of less than 89,00 Euro 4.00 euros each plus postage and packaging and from an order of 89.00 EURO including postage and packaging within Germany, the Benelux countries and AT. For deliveries outside Germany - see shipping costs.
For deliveries outside the EU, the goods by parcel service only shipped against prepayment.

4. Contract and return policy
4.1. The sales contract between "Panys GmbH" and the buyer therefore concluded that we are writing to accept the order (order confirmation) explain or accept the goods by the buyer, if necessary after the expiry of the revocation. For the protection of May be done by e-mail, which is not signed.

4.2. For transactions involving a consumer as defined in § 13 BGB concludes, given the statutory Widerrufs-/Rückgaberecht Pany GmbH within 2 weeks after delivery, without being part of the buyer the reasons for the return needs.

4.3. The two-week period begins on the date of receipt of delivery; it is timely return of the goods to "Panys GmbH" or by written notice of your contractual statement in writing (eg by letter, fax or email) should be maintained at the address below.

4.4. The purchase agreement is thus only after the two-week return / cancellation period after delivery finally effective.

4.5. Upon surrender by the buyer will be the purchase price and usually the shipping costs paid by mail. Costs for other modes of transport are not refundable. Unpaid sent Broadcasts of "Panys GmbH" is not accepted and will be charged the buyer back. Programs are therefore particularly adequate to frank. Postage prepaid mail and shortcomings of the considered not sent properly, can not possibly time during work, unless "Panys GmbH" accepts the return exceptionally, to. The above-mentioned duty to reimburse for return shipping costs does not apply unless the order is not an amount of 40.00 EUR exceeds. In this case, the consumer is acc. § 357 BGB para II, p. 3 the cost to provide for the return.

4.6. Be - caused culpably by the buyer - damaged or returned broken items, then the buyer "Panys GmbH" to pay damages. If the consumer the goods supplied by us or not to return only in a deteriorated condition, respect for the value must be replaced. This of course not apply if the deterioration of the product only on the test- as for example have been possible in a shop would be - due is. Moreover, they can avoid the compensation by they take the delivered goods as an owner and everything refrain could reduce its value.

Revokation / Return address: Pany GmbH, Handorfer Straße 21, 48157 Münster, trade register number: HRB 11 659, VAT ID: DE 261 256 169, Tax number: DE261256169, e-mail: vertrieb@panys.eu.

5. Non-acceptance

If the buyer refuses to accept the goods ordered, without the prior has been a repeal of the sales contract, so a processing fee in the amount of 25.00 EUR as handling fee plus postage and handling charges payable per item. These costs are charged to the buyer separately; the bill immediately, without granting payment is due made. The buyer reserves the right in individual cases a smaller Damage to "Panys GmbH" show.

6. Retention of title

6.1. Each of "Panys GmbH" supplied goods remain our property until full
Payment of the purchase price and up in full of all claims resulting from the business relationship (extended reservation of title). A disposal of the goods subject to retention (such as by sale, pledge, transfer, donation, for use) by the buyer is not allowed.

6.2. If the buyer is a breach of contract available on the Purchased goods have made​​, does the paid or to be paid the purchase price or otherwise received or output received from the buyer to the Place of the goods. The buyer hereby assigns all of the possible Sale resulting call to "Panys GmbH". The buyer is not entitled to collect these receivables. In Connection with the transfer, the buyer in the disclosure of the assignment to the purchaser to participate and to arrange for this, from the seller to or afford to pay. In view of the extended retention of title (pre-assignment of the respective purchase price) an assignment to third parties in particular to a bank, breach of contract and therefore inadmissible. "Panys GmbH" is entitled at any time, the sales documents of the Buyer to verify and to inform his customers of the assignment.

6.3. In the case of seizure of goods by the buyer is "Panys GmbH" immediately by sending a copy of the execution protocol or to be a sworn oath, that it is the seized goods are delivered by "Panys GmbH" and is subject to retention of title.

6.4. The assertion of the rights of "Panys GmbH" from the reservation of title release the buyer from his contractual obligations. The Value of the goods at the time of recovery will be only to the existing Claims of "Panys GmbH" credited against the buyer.

7. Payment

7.1. Ordered goods are delivered by direct debit or payment in advance.

7.2. Customers established outside the Federal Republic of Germany can be delivered only after payment.

7.3. If the buyer immediate payment by direct debit, then for payment of 1 day from receipt of delivery as agreed. The use These programs can only indicating the account number, bank routing number and bank account be in the order.

7.4. If the purchaser is in default of payment to be per reminder Fee of 5.00 EUR and default interest at the rate of 5% above the base rate charged.

7.5. A set-off against claims of "Panys GmbH" is only with undisputed or legally established claims possible.

8. Warranty

8.1. The warranty period for of "Panys GmbH" to consumers i.S.d. 3 13 BGB is supplied as a buyer, new articles 2 years when delivered to entrepreneurs i.S.d. § 14 BGB 1 year. The warranty period beginning with the date of receipt of delivery. However, where the Object of purchase a used item, then the warranty period 1 year in purchases by consumers and 6 months on purchases of entrepreneurs.

8.2. Since the supply of "Panys GMBH" particularly pernicious Have been the subject, has agreed contractual quality of the product on when the durability of the packaging on the printed sell-by dates equivalent.

8.3. The buyer is obliged to open defects within a period 2 weeks from receipt of the goods against "Panys GmbH" view. The written form is by sending an e-mail protected. After this period the enforcement of open defects is excluded.

8.4. Unless done by "Panys GMBH" technical information, is it is to manufacturer's instructions in this regard; done without this information Guarantee, unless "Panys GMBH" is same manufacturer.

8.5. "Panys GMBH" takes on the above rules to warranty, no guarantees. In particular, makes itself "Panys GmbH" guarantees from producers not otherwise own. Manufacturer warranties can only be asserted against it. To "Panys GmbH" supplied goods are free of defects when they for ordinary use and has a texture the usual with things of the same nature for which consumer after the Can expect kind of thing. Any further agreement on quality requires the explicit separate written agreement.

8.6. In the absence or incorrect installation instructions "Panys GMBH" initially only in the context of ensuring the delivery of a defect-free assembly instructions.

8.7. Nature and extent of warranty by "Panys GmbH"to Consumers are directed then the rest under §§ 439 et seq BGB. This means that the buyer in the first due Remedy for a remedy of the defect or supply of conforming goods may require. The system chosen by the buyer Type of remedy is available to "Panys GmbH" without prejudice to § 275 Section II and III of the Civil Code be denied if it is only at disproportionate Cost is possible. Here, in particular the value of the goods supplied to be considered in poor condition, the importance of the defect and the question whether a different type of remedy without significant disadvantages for the buyer can be accessed. The purchaser's claim is limited in this case to the other type of remedy, and the right of "Panys GmbH" at disproportionate cost remedy to refuse is not affected.

9. Privacy Policy

According to § 26 and 34 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), we point out that we have your data, only our relationship reflect and to the extent they are admissible under the BDSG, stored have continued to process them by computer. All we provide Data will be treated confidentially and only for the necessary order and business processing stored. For the purpose the credit check, we take a data exchange with credit bureaus and The company protection from creditors.

10. Performance, Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

For contracts with consumers as buyers apply the relevant legal Performance and jurisdiction in accordance with legal regulations. For The contractual relationship is governed by German law. The validity the UN Sales Convention is expressly excluded.

11. Delivery of title

f a buyer of products you ordered is not available once be, or the delivery time of 4 weeks after the confirmation lie shall notify "Panys GmbH" to the buyer as soon as possible the exact Delivery date, alternatively, that the delivery can be made​​.
All prices include VAT.

12. Enlightenment under §§ 312 b ff
Due to the statutory obligation (§§ 312b ff BGB formerly Distance Selling Act) to draw attention to sales, the only come through the use of remote communication media, the following reported:

1. Identification
For the acts under the Internet address indicated www.panys.eu offer it is a kind of panys GmbH, Handorfer Strasse 21, 48157 Muenster, in business under the names "Panys GMBH" acting, commercial register number: HRB 11 659, Tel 02534-97728-290, e-mail: vertrieb@panys.eu - Your party, VAT ID: DE 261256169, Tax No.: DE261256169, in business and trading under the names "Panys GMBH".

2. Contract
The buyer waives the receipt of a declaration of acceptance (§ 151 para I BGB) After sending the order by clicking on the corresponding Button ("Submit order now" or analogous Formulation is replaced by) the customer an immediate e-mail that the order reproduce. On receipt of this confirmation, the customer's order effective, but no later than upon receipt of delivery, subject to legal Widerufs-/Rückgaberechtes.

stand: 15.10.2008


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